I am a Senior CGI Generalist / VFX Supervisor / Digital Modelling Consultant currently working & specialising in the Automotive industry.


Consulting in CGI / Visualisation

  • Pipeline Implementation of  both software & hardware including workflow and render farm setup and management.

  • CAD Data Tessellation / Preparation / Re-Modelling.

  • Polygon Modelling for Concept & High-End Marketing Material.

  • Look Development / Texturing / Shading / Lighting.

  • High-End Rending / Re-Touching for High-End Marketing Material.

  • Photography / Film CGI Integration & Post-Production.

  • 360° HDRI Capture / Back-plate Photography with own equipment & gear.

  • VFX Supervisor for on location shoots. For all technical information and data collection.


I am available for all international assignments with a one month notice period.

Please feel free to contact me on any of the social media links at the footer of this page or head to the contact tab up top.